Magic Valley Beekeepers Association Scholarship

This scholarship is targeted towards youth (Ages 8-18) in the greater Magic Valley area who have an interest in keeping bees.

What scholarship opportunities are available!

Bees, boxes, educational classes and other miscellaneous supplies! At our discretion we may award all to one applicant or spread the wealth to several applicants.

How to apply:

  • We want to know what makes you Buzzz!

Write a short essay describing your interest in bees, and what you hope to do and learn by having bees. Also tell us about your experiences with bees and what you need to get started.

We want to get to know you and help mentor you with your bees. Best place to do that is at club meetings! That’s also where we will present scholarships!

  • A condition of the scholarship is reporting on how you are doing.

We expect a few progress reports in the form of e-mails, photos and a year-end oral presentation at our November bee club meeting.

Send your essay along with contact information to:

Must be received by Sept. 17, 2024 to be eligible for education classes, equipment and bees for the 2025 Bee Season. 2024 Scholarship season is closed.