Swarms are clusters of bees that are looking for a new home. They may be in a location anywhere from a few minutes to a few days while they look for a new home. The bees are seldom aggressive if left alone. If you suspect you have a swarm, the following beekeepers may be able to help.

Please note that these people have other occupations and provide swarm removal as a service to the community. Please be courteous when you contact them. There is no charge for simple swarm removal. If you have bees that have taken up permanent residence in a building or tree and need removed, please see that information at the bottom of this page.

Please be able to provide the following when you call:
1. Are they honey bees? Please do not call beekeepers to remove hornets, wasps, or other bees. This list is for honey bee removal only. See pictures below.

2. Where is the swarm located?

3. How high off the ground is it?

4. How long has it been there?

5. How big is it? Basketball size? Baseball sized?

6. Have you called anyone else?

Magic Valley Beekeepers does not endorse any of these people, we simply provide information. Users use at your own risk. To get your name listed on the swarm list, please contact us at info@magicvalleybeekeepers.org. Must be an active member of Magic Valley Beekeepers organization, attending meetings and participating in club events.

Kirk 208-420-6609
Twin Falls Area

Sherry 208-404-9067 or magicvalleybees@gmail.com
Most anywhere in the Magic Valley

Larry 208-731-9039
Southern Idaho

If you have bees that have taken up residence in a building, the following individuals may be able to help you. Removal from buildings can occasionally be simple, but it can also be time consuming and costly. Any charges for the removal of bees from buildings is between you and the individual. Again, these services are not endorsed by the Magic Valley Beekeepers organization, use at your own risk!

Larry 208-731-9039
Hagerman to Kimberly, Jerome

Sherry 208-404-9067
Most anywhere in the Magic Valley